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Display your wine with style

Finally, we have a wine storage solution that is as trendy and sophisticated as it is functional. The Vynebar, is the perfect solution to the challenge of convenient storage. The small shape and simple installation make this the perfect accompaniment to your decor. Mounted under a kitchen cabinet, the Vynebar can remove counter top clutter and displays your exquisite taste in wine for your guests to enjoy. Or use the Vynebar to display your specially selected vintages near in any room for easy access during your next party. Display your wine with style with the Vynebar. Learn More

Custom Engraving!

Personalize your Vynebar!
Or give a Vynebar as a gift!

Let our expert craftsmen use state-of-the-art laser engraving to complete the customization of your Vynebar. Our expert use a variety of fonts, shapes and sizes in engraving the Vynebar to your exact specifications. The short wait time is well spent when your Vynebar proudly displays the name of your company, the name of your home or even your family name. Request Here

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