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About Vynebar®

Display your wine with style

The beautifully crafted Vynebar comes in two sizes, the Vynebar 8 which holds eight bottles, or the Vynebar 4 wich holds four bottles. Our Vynebars are crafted using only the finest materials, with robotic precision. We offer these functional pieces of art in various colors and finishes. We have 8 anodized metal colors to choose from. These anodized colors are not paint or powder-coat, they are a chemical bath that colorizes the metal itself leaving you with a permanent finish that will not chip off or fade over time. The Vynebar vertical wine rack is built to last. You can also choose from a collection of finishes, which are Glossy Polished, Flat Bead Blasted Finish, or our Classic Brushed Stainless Steel or Polished Mirror Finish to match any decor.

Our Vynebar is designed to accommodate most 750ml "high- shoulders" of a standard wine bottle. We are currently able to custom build a Vynebar to accommodate a "soft-shoulder" 750ml wine bottle or any other size and shape bottle. A large number of our customers enjoy dessert wines but are unable to store them adequately in a conventional wine rack. With a custom Vynebar you are able to display your favorite wines of all sizes, making the Vynebar the perfect solution for your wine storage needs. Contact us for more information!


"It is the spectator, and not life, that art really mirrors"

Oscar Wilde had it right when he made this observation. In as much as our homes are our castles, its furnishings are our personalities. The modern sophisticated home is a reflection of those who live within its walls. We surround ourselves with objects that appeal to our sense of style, intrigue our knowledge of design, reaffirm our sense of value and compliment our personalities. The objects we acquire do not define us. They compliment us. They make our lives easier and ultimately, more enjoyable.

Enjoy your style. Enjoy your wine. Enjoy your life.